Explore Croatia by region



Slavonia holds raw beauty worthy of exploration and immense admiration. The cultural heritage, traditional music and cuisine of Slavonia are a blend of historical influences making it quite distinct.


Zagreb & Central Croatia

Zagreb as the capital of Croatia and the surrounding region were in the past spared from large scale war damage due to high population density thereby preserving numerous cultural heritage sites dating back to the Late Middle Ages.






Lika and Karlovac Region

The landscape of dreams roughly bounded by the Velebit and Pljesevica mountains, a traditional rural area with developed farming that boasts with two National parks - Plitvice lakes and Sjeverni Velebit.







Set against the Julian Alps, reflected by the Adriatic Sea sits a region rich with heritage and a wealth of natural goods.






Kvarner Region

This is a land uniquely blessed with complete raw allure with a breathtaking shoreline set against the Dinaric Alps






Zadar Region {Dalmatia}

The Venetians, Byzantines, Italians, and Hungarian Empire each stacked their claim here at various points in time.






Sibenik region {Dalmatia}

If ever there was a coastal region in the world considered to be the most endowed with natural beauty, Dalmatia would likely hold the reigning title.






Split Region {Dalmatia}

Centred on the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, the architecture alone is enough to make one drunk with awe. Beaches seduce and cafes beckon.






Dubrovnik Region {Dalmatia}

With roots dating back to the 6th century, Dubrovnik holds the reining title as the oldest living walled in city in the world.






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